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              Polymer and fiber

              Polymer and fiber
              Polymer and fiber refer to macromolecular compound. A macromolecular compound refers to a compound having a relative molecular weight of 10,000 or more which is mainly composed of a plurality of atoms or radicals which are covalently bonded. Many polymers and fiber atoms or groups of atoms have a certain order and can be identified and studied by X-ray diffraction. The crystalline or amorphous ordered structure of the polymer can be characterized by diffraction peaks. The crystallinity of the polymer can be determined by X-ray diffraction. This ratio of crystal to amorphous is very important for polymer chemistry. X-ray diffractometers for such use include: determining the unit cell type and lattice parameters, determining the microstructure, and determining the crystal orientation by a pole figure.

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              DX-27mini Benchtop X-ray Diffractometer

              DX-2700BH X-ray Diffractometer